Special Episode 3 of 3 — Sex: A Stairway to Heaven or a Stairway to Hell
An Esoteric Approach
Podcast: 1 Hour, 7 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download Paul Harvey was a very well known broadcaster who had a knack for telling a story in reverse. He would take a very well known person and tell the story without revealing the name of that person until the very end. His tag line was – “And now you know the rest of the story.” You would always say to yourself, “I didn’t know that!” Missing pieces of information, like missing pieces to a puzzle, are always very intriguing. Did you ever think that religions are like that? There seems to be missing pieces of information.
The name of this podcast, Sex, a Stairway to Heaven, or a Stairway to Hell, suggests that the missing information is sex. Religions of the world are like precious pearls on a string. They are wonderful. But they are missing information. In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross tells us about the string that ties all religions together. Sex is the missing information. After you listen to this, you will say, “And now I know the rest of the story.” Richard Roocroft September 2014 This lecture, aspires to become an esoteric approach into SEX, SEXOLOGY, SEXUALITY. Its deepest meaning within human life and its relationship with the universe. What's the meaning of esoteric? Isn't it equivalent to "hidden, secret, unknown," according to many of its perceptions and representations? We have already attempted to describe sex, sexology, sexuality in two previous lectures: (1) a scientific and modern experience; (2) a religious one, based on the Bible (Moses, Jesus Christ) Added to same codified language written in other religions and esoteric schools: Alchemy,
Kabbalah and Gnostic Cosmology. This actual one or number 3, immerses within the true meaning of alchemy and kabbalah. Or "science (matter) and religion (spirit)", becoming ONE. Which do represent "fire and water" united. Which are also "masculine and feminine." In every true manifestation of LIFE. According to GNOSTIC ANTHROPOLOGY, there are three levels of sexuality: (1) infrasex; (2) common-sex; (3) suprasex. We are inviting, respectfully, to our international audiences to listen to this lecture and all others, whose purpose is to contribute to the awakening of our soul consciousness. Inverential Peace, E. JIM G. ROSS September, 2014
All religions are like precious pearls on a string. The string that ties them all together is sex.
This symbol represents the fifth ray which is the ray of strength.