Special Episode 2 of 3 — Sex: A Stairway to Heaven or a Stairway to Hell
These symbols have a hidden message. Can you see it? From top to bottom: The Caduceus of Mercury; The United Nations; The  US Army Medical Corps; The symbol for Kundalini, from India; and the United Federation of Planets from Star Trek. It’s in plain sight, but is still hidden. Each one of these symbols represent, whether the originators knew it or not, transmutation of the sexual energy. The two snakes going up the spinal column are the energy from the human gonads to the brain. The symbols of grain represent the human seed being transmuted. The head can be thought of as a planet or star. If you look at a holy picture, you will see a halo around the head. This is the result of sexual transmutation.
Podcast: 1 Hour, 13 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download The purpose of life can be condensed into this podcast. In other words, the purpose of life is to discover who we are and why we are here. Gnosis answers this question. All religions speak about sex. Unfortunately it is also coded in such a way that few people can understand it. In this podcast, Mr. E. Jim G. Ross, speaks clearly, without any codes or confusion, about the primary reason for our existence. What does it mean to be “born again?” This is a sexual problem. How can you run away from sex? It’s not possible. You either learn to use it correctly, or you don’t. It’s that simple. Richard Roocroft July 2014
This is a religious approach into SEXOLOGY, written in the Bible and fundamentally ignored by religious institutions. Moses teachings about it are clearly described at the TEN COMMANDMENTS: Commandment number 6, says "we shall not fornicate." Commandment number 9, refers to "adultery". Both being errors committed against "cosmic-laws" (spiritual and natural laws). In the Book of Leviticus, 15 – 18, Moses describes his dialogues with Aaron while receiving instructions from Lord Jehova, Divine ruler of Paradise. All these lessons from above, are supported by Jesus Christ’s teachings to his disciples and to the Pharisee Jewish priest called Nicodemus: "I'm telling that you must be born again, from the water (semen), and the spirit (sacred fire o sexual energy)." Other paragraphs of the Bible describe: "all your sins will be forgiven, except the one against the Holy Spirit" (sexual energy being wasted through common sex, abnormal animal sex), which causes all illness (from common cold to Cancer and Aids), and also our premature physical death. E. Jim G. Ross July, 2014
A Religious Approach