Special Episode 1 of 3 — Sex: A Stairway to Heaven or a Stairway to Hell
A Scientific Approach
Podcast: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download What if we wanted to give birth to a very special child? Is it possible to produce a “genius” child — intentionally? According to the research presented here, we have known how to do this for a long time. It’s not really a secret. In this podcast, Mr. E. Jim G. Ross presents some research that explains how to produce very “bright” children. The title Sex: A Stairway to Heaven, or a Stairway to Hell suggests that if we use our sex in a certain “way,” then, we will produce very special children.
What “way?” How is this done? For that you will have to listen to the podcast. Richard Roocroft March 2014 "SEX":  A STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN OR A STAIRWAY TO HELL" Three Special Sessions of Lectures: 1. A Scientific Approach; 2. A Religious Approach; 3. A Gnostic Approach First Special Session:  "A SCIENTIFIC APPROACH"  This is not a Gnostic-lecture about sexuality, but it leads us into new scientific discoveries on the topic. This "special session number one", is based on accurate scientific research. Realized for a period of more than 30 years in New York and it has continued being tested in the USA and some European countries. The Oneida Community at the end of the 1800's reunited a few hundred couples with scientific background. To experience a new method to avoid unwanted pregnancies. After more than 30 years of very accurate daily research, they verified it’s success. Which included more pleasurable sexual relations, and also bringing wanted children with a higher IQ. Some of them considered modern geniuses. European and USA groups of scientists working together in the
90's continued exploring similar avenues baptizing this new technique as Karezza and Diana method. Today, opposite and powerful scientific and corporate institutions have denied importance to those discoveries. Our universities in the Western world have continued teaching sexology in a traditional way. Training biologists, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and anthropologists, far away, from a more amplified and revolutionary method in accordance with the 21st. century. As Gnostic lecturers, we don't agree 100% with these new discoveries in science. But, we have to accept that they seem to walk towards a future encounter with a new scientific reality, which will benefit our entire human race. Our next lecture, number 2, will be based on a "religious approach into sexuality.  The final one, lecture number 3, will be a stronger scientific description of a Gnostic- esoteric message to humanity. Of true Alchemy and true Kabbalah, into the mysteries of a true sexology. Inverential Peace! E. JIM G. ROSS March 2014 Special Episode 2 of 3, Sex: A Stairway to Heaven or a Stairway to Hell