Special Episode 4 — The Christ and the Anti-Christ
Podcast: 1 Hour, 4 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download This is possibly the most advanced Gnostic Lecture of all. If you have not listened to any of the lectures in this series, then perhaps you should save this one until later.  Mr. E. Jim G. Ross does a very good job of explaining some difficult subjects. Most people in the world have some pre- conceived ideas about Jesus Christ and the Anti-Christ. There is no way to “sugar coat” it. What follows, regardless of your background, and with all due respect, is the truth. “Christ” is not a person, but an energy. We quite often refer to the “Cosmic Christ.” This does not necessarily refer to Jesus, but a form of energy that is found throughout the universe. You could say that it is the flame behind the flame. This energy is “alive.” That’s right. You could say that it is life itself. This is also the energy of Kundalini. Jesus became “The Christ.” He is the
highest of the high. Jesus ascended to a level that can not be adequately described to the average person. The notion of “resurrection” is so foreign to most people that it is believed not possible. I assure you that resurrection is possible. There have been others in our history that have attained the level of “Christ” with full resurrection. Joan of Arc, Saint Germain and Moses are just a few examples of “resurrected masters” or “Christified” individuals.  So, is there more than one “Christ?” The answer is Yes. Who is the Anti-Christ? Once more the Anti- Christ is not simply one person. The Anti- Christ is actually the ego itself. Adolf Hitler has been thought to be the Anti-Christ. You could also say that people like Joseph Stalin, or Genghis Khan were examples of “The Anti-Christ.” All of these men killed large numbers of people and are thought of as being very evil. Yes when the ego runs wild, people suffer. The Anti-Christ is really
Anti-God, or Anti-Divinity. The Anti-Christ is anyone who loves the ego and hates God. The two are mutually exclusive. The atheist scientist is not usually thought of as being an Anti-Christ type of person. But when you think of it, there are few people that hate the notion of God being in their experiments, or theories, as much as scientists. Walter Russell attempted to put God back into science where He belongs. But, scientists wanted no part of it. The idea of God being in their experiments? Unheard of! Never. Most scientists actually hate God so much that they would do anything to keep Him out. This is why the Gnostics call scientists “the Anti-Christ scientists.” Christic energy is found in the largest sun and the smallest atom. Unfortunately God cannot be found in any university laboratory. Richard Roocroft October 2015