Lecture 23 — The Ray of Death
Beyond Death by Samael Aun Weor What Happens When We Die and How to Prepare Now to Take Advantage of It Although most of us prefer to avoid the topic of death, it is an inevitable event that we must come to terms with, especially if we are serious about our spiritual development. For the experienced spiritual aspirant, death ceases to be a source of fear or uncertainty, and instead is revealed to be what it truly is: a doorway, an integral part of existence, and an opportunity to elevate our consciousness. The ancient teachings tell us that if we want to know what happens when we die, we must look to what happens when we sleep each night. When we die we enter the same world we dream within, but instead of returning to the deceased body we are propelled towards a new birth. If each night when we sleep we practice to enter the world of dreams with awareness, then when the moment of our death arrives we will be prepared to exit the body with awareness, and be capable of influencing what happens to us after death. That is the importance of astral projection: being awake in the dimension of dreams… more
Podcast: 1 Hour, MP3 Format, Free Download All our lectures have been exploring the mysteries of life and death. Now, explicitly we refer to the mysteries interrelated with the Ray of Death.  The "seventh ray" descending from the Absolute, Homeland of the Spirit, based on the Law of Organization of the universe and of the cosmos. There are three kinds of DEATH.  The Bible describes the SECOND DEATH which refers to what happens, at the end of a cosmic-cycle (now).  After our physical death, when our souls enter into the infradimensions of space and time.  The immersed mineral kingdom or nine- infernos.  There, Mother Nature, also called Mother Love and Mother Death, will annihilate the satanic ego.  Our seven deadly sins. To purify our souls.  Tremendous emotional pain will be suffered there, while experiencing the same pain that we caused to other people. In our many life-times (108).  Cosmic Justice will
be applied, because "ego" is the same "karma" or law of cause and effect already explained.  The FIRST DEATH should happen, when we learn to annihilate our demons consciously in our lifetime. Through constant meditation.  So, we'll be able to avoid descending to the nine-infernos after we are deceased, physically.  Purifying our souls of those legions of demons created in previous lives and our actual one.  PHYSICAL DEATH, then, becomes the less important kind of death. Because the highest purpose of life is to reach ILLUMINATION or annihilation of our inner- darkness.  Our subconscious, unconscious, infraconscious, or EGO, Satan of all religions, seven deadly sins (Christianity), Goliath and his legion of demons being defeated and decapitated by King David (Judaism). E. JIM G. ROSS April 2012