Lecture 22 — The Highest Profession of All
Podcast: 58 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download Is it to become a lawyer, an engineer, a doctor, a psychologist, psychiatrist, a dentist, an accountant, a police officer, a soldier, a judge, a businessman, a banker, a salesman, an actor, a dancer, a musician, a singer, a politician, a technician, a computer-expert, a scientist, an anthropologist, an airline pilot, an astronaut?  Or, is there another profession that we haven't mentioned, yet?.  Maybe, an unknown, a mystery profession?  All those described, will have a sad limitation if they are not supported by a soul-consciousness.  An inner capability which reinforces "intelligence".  As part of our intellect, emotions, instinct and sexuality, we have ignored the supreme reality of the "spirit."  Our Real-Being.  In any profession, skills are a must. Either coming from natural-talents or developed through training and education.  But, our SOUL CONSCIOUSNESS is higher than the mind, emotions, instinct and sexuality.  GNOSTIC ANTHROPOLOGY is the "bridge" between our Inner-Being (Spirit) and the mind, emotions, instinct and sexuality.  Any profession which lacks this superior capability, called soul- consciousness, will lead us all into failure. Before the eyes of the world, the universe and before our Real-Being.  God within, our Divine Spirit.
The new-anthropology and the new- psychology, describe levels of being, which include an inferior-nature and a superior- nature within us all. Psychologists and psychiatrists very much justify and applaud the EGO with a very tridimensional scientific approach.  A more scientific style lives immersed into all "dimensions" of time and space.  Supporting Albert Einstein, the second father of physics, who has declared that "science without religion lames and religion without science is blind". So, EGO, is defined as "animal psychology", opposite to a true "human psychology", based on a SOUL- CONSCIOUSNESS.  Learning to transform our ego into a soul-consciousness, means to ascend from the Animal-Kingdom into a Human-Kingdom", which is more real than what we perceive. Animal-psychology or EGO, corresponds to the same seven-deadly-sins of Chistianity (lust, anger, arrogance, envy, greed, laziness and gluttony).  It's a GOLIATH and is a legion of demons, being defeated and decapitated by King David (Jewish religion).  The inferior nature must be defeated, annihilated if we want to ascend into higher levels of awareness-consciousness.  In ancient times Alchemy was used to
transform "lead into gold".  The ego (lead) dissolved, will release our superior-nature (inner-gold, soul-consciousness), ascending into our Spirit. Spiritualizing our Matter.  If a professional, never learns to annihilate his/her inferior nature, will become imprisoned within "mediocrity".  Or limited knowledge about life and their professions.  When there is true professional-vocation based on LOVE for knowledge, plus knowledge, plus knowledge, we reach "excellence." Foundation for true leadership, within it's own field and also as a better human-being. Isn't that the path to consciousness, higher than common intelligence, to serve better the purpose of life?  Ascending from a level of intellectual-animals, into true Homo- Sapiens?.  Or true Humans with Sapientia?.  True-Wisdom?  Isn't it this the HIGHEST PROFESSION OF ALL? E. Jim G. Ross April 2012