Lecture 20 — The Seven Spirits Before the Throne (Apocalypse)
Podcast: 1 Hour, 17 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download Microcosmos (our organisms) and the Macrocosmos (the universe) shake hands recognizing each other in this lecture.  The Bible describes that "we are made on the image of God", or our endocrine glands are connected to planets, solar systems and our galaxy. Gnostic Anthropology and Gnostic Cosmology work united to contribute to awaken our consciousness in lecture # 20.  Out of fanatic-dogmatic interpretation of the Bible, the Inquisition persecuted alchemists, kabbalists and astrologers.  Ignoring that ALCHEMY, KABBALAH and ASTROLOGY are taught in the Bible in a codified manner.  The first Book or Genesis, describes the "two trees in Paradise", whose roots are entwined underground.  They are:  (1) THE TREE OF KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL;  (2) THE TREE OF LIFE.  The "Tree of Knowledge is alchemy itself", or the study
of matter and the science to transform "led into gold" ("spiritualizing matter"). The "Tree of Life corresponds to Alchemy" or "crystallizing the spirit". The Old and New Testament teach us the path to SPIRITUALIZE MATTER to ascend into the Spirit, and to CRYSTALLIZE THE SPIRIT, to descend into Matter, Mother Nature.  Because Spirit and Matter, both are God, Deus, Dos, Two.  They are the "two trees of Eden" which are also within ourselves.  The last Book of the Bible, Apocalypse, refers to ASTROLOGY, when describes the Seven Spirits Before the Throne.  We are the "fifth" human race on earth, and the Bible describes "Four Apocalyptic Ryders".  The "Fifth Ryder" is already here on Earth, as part of the recycling or cosmic drama we are experiencing:  Collapse of the economy, wars or rumours of war, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, etc.  The Seven Spirits are the Seven-Archangels
who rule Seven Basic Planets of our Solar System.  Interrelated with the Seven Days of the Week.   The Inquisition changed the days of the week, to confuse the students of alchemy, kabbalah and astrology.  So, our actual calendar does not match the scientific movement-dance of our living solar system and a scientific method to measure their influence in our human behaviour.  Gnostic Anthropology and Gnostic Cosmology united attempt to correct these mistakes.    We are all amazing laboratories, to transform and improve our own Matter (Mother Nature).  We also are a Temple of our Inner-Being, awaiting for our ascension.  So Spirit and Matter, God, Deus, Dos, may become ONE, as it is in the ABSOLUTE, Spiritual Universe, Homeland of the Spirit (manifested through "black holes in the universe). E. Jim G. Ross December 2011