Lecture 17 — Emotional Intelligence and How to Awaken it
Podcast: 1 Hour and 4 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross discusses emotional intelligence. If the universe is “alive” as Samael Aun Weor says, then we should see signs of intelligence all around us. Twins, especially identical twins, have exhibited a type of “knowing” that defies logic. When one twin is suffering an illness, or has had an accident, the other one seems to know that something is wrong. This type of emotional intelligence is not limited to twins. At Princeton University scientists have been conducting the Global Consciousness Project for many years. The details are too complicated to get into here, but the essence of the experiment is that  human emotions were measured around the world and monitored by a computer network. When 911 happened, and the planes slammed into the buildings, the computer “readings” went crazy. This happened during other disasters as well. It is believed that disasters of this magnitude that are broadcast over television sets, create an emotional response in the people all around the world. This “Disturbance in the Force” was captured through a statistical model on computers equipped with a special device called an “egg.” The Princeton project shows very clearly that there is a relationship between human emotions and nature. In this case human emotions were felt at the atomic level, because the “egg” works directly with atoms inside resistors or diodes. It's almost like, if we catch a cold and sneeze, then nature seems to know about it. Cleve Backster is famous for his experiments with plants. While his polygraph machine was connected to a plant, he decided to light a match and burn one of it's leaves. He didn't actually do this, but was only “thinking” of doing it. The plant reacted violently on the polygraph machine. How did the plant know he was going to burn one of the leaves? In another experiment he had his polygraph machine connected to a plant in the laboratory. As he went to town, and stepped off a curb to cross a road, he was almost hit by a car. His heart was pounding with the near miss. When he returned to the lab, the polygraph machine connected to the plant indicated a violent response, right at the time when he was almost hit by the car. This shows a clear relationship between human emotions and plants. Many animals can “sense” an impending earthquake hours or days before it happens. Do you have a dog or cat that seems to exhibit unusual intelligence? My cat always “knows” when we are going to
take her to the veterinarian; so she runs and hides making it difficult for us to find her. How does she know we are taking her to the vet's? Do animals have emotional intelligence? What about Quantum Mechanics? Even if you are not acquainted with Quantum Mechanics we can still appreciate the notion that a form of emotional intelligence may be taking place at the atomic level. In the famous Stern-Gerlach experiment, atoms were sent through a series of magnets and then analyzed.  In modern versions of the experiment, scientists are able to “pull off” electrons, protons or neutrons form the atom. Scientists observed that atomic particles like to exist in “pairs.” Why pairs? These electron pairs behave like our twins earlier. One electron can sense what is happening to the other. Scientists are puzzled by the demonstration that one electron seems to have knowledge about what the other one is doing.  This is one of the mysteries of Quantum Mechanics. Scientists have tried for many years to explain this phenomena, but were unable to do so. Now they are content using advanced mathematics to solve problems. Many of the products we enjoy in our lives are the direct result of the success of Quantum Mechanics. But they still don't understand “why” atomic particles seem to have knowledge of each other. Is this an example of intelligence at the atomic level? Walter Russell said that everything in the universe is alive. Does that mean atoms are alive? What about planets? He said that if one planet in our solar system moves, every other planet will adjust it's orbit to compensate for that. Everything is in balance at all times. This can only happen if we accept the notion of a “common parent.” Walter Russell refers to this as the Universal One, or God. Scientists are currently looking for the “God Particle” using accelerators to smash atoms together. If atoms are “alive,” is it wise to smash them together? Religion talks about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This trinity is found not
only in the church, but also in the laboratory. When we look at the world of atoms, and borrow the language of  Quantum Mechanics we find something called  “spin up,” “spin down,” and “spin not.” This is the same trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The bible describes God as being, omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. To a physicist each one of these “properties” of God applies equally to atoms. Atoms are very powerful, are everywhere, and they know everything. That last part may be a little difficult for conventional scientists to understand, but the Princeton experiment seems to show that this is true. Atoms do know “everything.” As Walter Russell says, we live in a “thought wave universe.” His model of the atom shows two closing vortexes and two expanding vortexes. Each pair has it's centering component called the Universal One. This is the same trinity that all religions talk about. The Gnostics call this “the law of three” which is “the law of creation.” Samael Aun Weor said that, “Thoughts are atomic.” Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, demonstrated that anyone can use the power of thought to heal people, do remote viewing, dowsing, and many other things. The Gnostics go a lot further showing us the wonders of the universe. As Mr. Ross says, “We are in kindergarten and have to grow up.”   Richard Feynman was a famous Quantum Physics professor and he was certainly no proponent of God. While observing certain properties of nature he once said, “That's how it works. You may not like it, but it's too bad. That's the way it is.” Nature wants to show us how “she” works. Now it's up to us to open our eyes. This podcast, Emotional Intelligence and How to Awaken it, is a discussion about how human intelligence actually works. Are there two different “kinds” of human intelligence? Is it possible to increase your level of intelligence? For that you will have to listen to this podcast. Richard Roocroft October 2011
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