Snakes and Ladders A very old children’s board game. In this game, the player spins a “spinner” or throws a set of dice to determine how many positions to move on the board. If you land on a ladder, you go up; if you land on a snake, you go down. Children and adults played this type of game long before the advent of radio or TV. The original Snakes and Ladders game showed the snakes with the head pointed downward. Modern versions have it reversed with the head pointing upward. This would only be of interest to Gnostics, because to them, the snake represents the kundalini in the spinal column. The head upward is a master; but downward it represents the fallen one. Gnostic Lecture – 16, The Fallen Tower, The  Law of Return, Reincarnation, and Reocurrence (to the right) speaks about “Jacob's Ladder.” This is the mechanism for attaining masterhood. The Jacob’s Ladder in the science lab is a device that generates high voltage between two wires. The electric arc goes from the bottom to the top. It is a very fascinating thing to watch, but the Gnostics aren't  referring to that when they talk about Jacob’s Ladder. They are referring to the “electricity” in the spinal column. The generator is the primal energy that we all possess. This Snakes and Ladders board game is similar to a more serious game that is played throughout the universe. The Gnostics play this “game” as if it were a matter of life or death. Once you investigate the teachings of Samael Aun Weor, the founder of Gnostic Anthropology, you will realize the truth of this statement.
Podcast: 1 Hour, MP3 Format, Free Download “The man who shot Liberty Valence – He was the bravest of them all.” This is from the movie The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, a classic Western.  In the show actor Jimmy Stewart plays the man who stood up to the town bully Liberty Valence. Stewart had a law book in his hand and didn't know how to use a gun; but he stood up to Liberty Valence in a gun fight. It was never clear how a law book could kill Liberty Valence, until the very end of the movie. John Wayne might have had something to do with things. This is an excellent movie. Jimmy Stewart's “law book” represented civilization coming to the wild West. There isn't a society anywhere that will allow “bad behavior” for any length of time, before placing the offender into a prison, or worse. All anti-social behavior comes from the ego. If two men have a “duel” and one is killed, what happens in the next life time? Gnostic Anthropology deals with the “big picture.” In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross tells us what happens when we are born again after committing this type of crime. A duel, or gun fight, is where two men are bent on trying to kill one another. As you will see from this podcast, justice will be served. Mr. Ross explains why some children are born into starvation and may have only days to live. Most people think that this is very unfair. God is cruel. Why do we have to endure such hardships in this world? When you look at things from a Gnostic
point of view, you see that we have many lives. When we commit a crime in one life; we will pay for it in the next. Do you think we have a lot of laws here on Earth? The universe is full of laws – Cosmic Laws. As above; so it is below. This podcast deals with three particular laws: The law of Return, The law of Reincarnation, and The law of Reoccurrence The Gnostics say that we are not real human beings. Historical people like Jesus Christ, Buddha or Moses have attained the status of “real human being.” For most people the notion of “real human” is very strange. Let's change the language for a moment and say that we ARE humans. Then, what would you call Jesus? Jesus was a SUPERMAN. We think of superman as being Clark Kent, saving the world from evil. Doesn't that sound like Jesus? To become a superman (or real human being) you have to eliminate the ego. This is such a rare event in our history that the vast majority of people can't even grasp the idea of what happened to Jesus when he resurrected.  If a person were to resurrect today, do you think CNN or BBC would be there with cameras, covering the event? NO. There is someone in recent times that has obtained resurrection. For that you have to listen to this podcast. Richard Roocroft September 2011
16 — The Fallen Tower, The Laws of Return, Reincarnation and Reoccurrence