Lecture 14 — Universal Sound
Podcast: 56 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download When Julie Andrews sung “ The hills are alive with the sound of music,” she was not kidding. According to Walter Russell, everything in the universe has a sound associated with it. The Earth, the planets and the stars dance with the sound of music. Samael Aun Weor, the founder of Gnostic Anthropology, says that this is the “music of the spheres.” Why can't we hear it? Well, some people can. Not only that, but anyone can develop the ability to hear the sound of the planets. In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross explains that the great composers of the past such as Beethoven and Mozart developed very strongly their “inner ear.” They wrote their symphonies down as they heard them in their heads. They tapped into the genius (or God) within. All of our languages today were derived from the Golden Language. There are five vowels commonly used in languages, but there are actually seven fundamental sounds. Why are we so interested in sounds? It seems God created the universe using sound. As preposterous as this seems, before we dismiss it, lets consider the following. If you place some sand on a pane of glass, then play a violin next to it, you will
see some amazing patterns develop as a result of the notes being played. Scientists have discovered that they can create three dimensional objects using multiple speakers and a sand like substance. Also, we have three dimensional printers that can “output” completed mechanical parts. This is based on data going to a printer. What's data? It's a form of sound. The MP3 player you are listening to this podcast on doesn't have sound – it has data. If man can do these things; think about what God can do. Mr. Ross goes on to explain the power of pranayama and how breath and thought can be used to heal ourselves and others. We can make ourselves very warm, if we are stuck in an environment where we would normally freeze to death. This information could save your life. Also the same techniques can be used to cool you, if you are in deadly heat. We look at the movie “The Kings Speech” and discuss the solution to the problem of stuttering. If you are interested in discovering yourself, this is a must listen to podcast. Richard Roocoft. June 2011
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Since this article was first written in June of 2011, the 3D printer market has exploded. There are many manufacturers of printing devices, and also most cities have 3D printing services. The podcast (to the right) speaks of universal sound. With 3D printing, you start off with pure “data” and end up with a solid “thing” like a machine part, or a miniature of a person. Thus you have the “word” transformed into a real object. Richard Roocroft April 2018 [Not a commercial endorsement]