Lecture 13 — The 7 Endocrine Glands and the Superior Senses
Kundalini Yoga is the basis of alchemy and transmutation. This is not a lost and forgotten knowledge of the past but is very relevant in today’s world.
The caduceus is the symbol of modern medicine. It is derived from the ancient knowledge of Kundalini yoga.
Podcast: 1 Hour and 4 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download When the sunlight hits the water, that will eventually produce clouds. In turn, the clouds produce thunder bolts. This sounds so “hokey,” but in reality this is the basis of transmutation. The universe is made up of fire and water. The water is heated by the fire which produces steam. Steam condenses into clouds; and electricity produces thunder bolts. This is the process of transforming one substance into another. Most industrial processes involve the use of fire, or heat. What they haven't figured out yet, is that the application of electricity at just the right time, can produce even more materials which have not been invented yet. Rather than pass over these ideas lightly, I would suggest you listen to this podcast as Mr. E. Jim G. Ross explains the real process of alchemy. The statement “Man, know thyself and ye shall know the universe,” makes sense only to the Gnostic Initiate. The Initiate knows how to use the internal fires to heat the water, which produces steam in the spinal column, and finally the thunderbolts of enlightenment in the head.
This is how the superior senses are re- discovered. Mr. Ross goes on to explain how real Gnostic people know how to heal themselves and others. In fact he speaks quite clearly about how Initiates can do many amazing things. Jesus was able to perform miracles. Samael Aun Weor, the founder of Gnostic Anthropology, was able to heal people by just touching them. He was not the only person capable of doing this. Jose Silva, the founder of The Silva Method, was also able to heal many people. Buddha, Moses, Mohamed and many other notable people in our history have done similar things. Whether you are talking about a human being, or an industrial process, the study of ancient alchemy is the only way to make further inroads into great inventions and discoveries. It's time to start thinking “outside the box.” Science and Religion must be united. This is the only way to continue. Richard Roocroft June 2011