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Lecture 11 — The Three Minds
Podcast: 43 minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download In this podast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross talks about the three minds. If we happen to be out on the street and a speeding car is coming toward us, we jump out of the way. If we take the time to think about it; we are dead. In martial arts we spend many years learning how to stop thinking. In combat, we must also learn how to react instantly – without thinking. The act of thinking gets in the way and slows us down.  This is intuition (or non-thinking) which can keep us out of trouble, but only if we learn how to use it. Our three minds are actually three “belief systems” or three methods of thinking.  Mr. Ross uses Biblical references to identify two of the types. For example, the pharisees were the believers in God; and the sadducees were more like the atheists. There is a third type of mind called the inner mind. This is connected with higher intelligence, or Divinity. The extreme thinking of the pharisees and the sadducees are both wrong. According to Walter Russell, called “the man who taped the secrets of the universe,” we must come in contact with our inner Mind to find the true genius within. He uses the capital letter “M” in the word Mind to symbolize the reference to divinity. If you want to accomplish something, you first concentrate and then decentrate. Decentrate is a word that Walter Russell invented to refer to the process of no longer thinking. This process (or lack of process) brings us into direct contact with God – or the God within.
Jose Silva, founder of The Silva Method, spoke about this as well. According to him, if you want to do something mystical such as remote viewing or healing you have to learn how to meditate first. In other words we have to remove ourselves from the day-to- day thoughts of life and enter into the alpha state. This is a lower brain wave frequency that sets yourself up to being able to see into walls, dowse, or even heal yourself. There is a danger in all of this.  If you do not annihilate your negative psychological aggregates, you will fall into what Samael Aun Weor calls black magic. We see suffering individuals all the time talking to themselves on the subway. These mentally ill people have no idea what is going on inside of them. Perhaps we are all guilty of doing that at one time or another. But severely mentally ill people cannot stop talking to their demons within. Mr. Ross says that our consciousness is being held prisoner by our own seven deadly sins or egos. This is lecture number 11 in a series of continuing podcasts on Gnostic Anthropology. If you have listened to all 11 podcasts you are in for a real surprise. Lecture 12 holds one of the most important keys in the series. If you have not listened to any of these podcasts, I suggest  you start at lecture number 1. Richard Roocroft. May, 2011