Lecture 9 — The Parallel Dimensions and Our 7 Bodies
The Great Rebellion by Samael Aun Weor
The State of Our World and How to Change It Through Practical Spirituality Our world needs real change, inner change. You can help make it happen. "When one discovers the real cause of so much misery and bitterness, it becomes obvious that something can be done..." —Samael Aun Weor Everyone wants a better world, a better life, and genuine happiness, yet few know one can transcend suffering by knowing about: The underlying cause of the world's pain and problems What consciousness is and how it works How cause and effect create your life The power within us that can cleanse the mind of faults and darkness This book embraces and clarifies the essential wisdom within all the world's religions and spiritual traditions. Yet, change does not come from belief or theories. Real change comes from self- knowledge: Gnosis… more
Podcast: 40 minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download If you are involved in other disciplines such as radionics, hands-on healing, remote viewing or dowsing, but don’t understand how these things can possibly work, you need to listen to this podcast.  Mr. E. Jim G. Ross, explains the real science behind many of the paranormal and esoteric activities that touch our lives. The Parallel Dimensions and our 7 Bodies is a podcast that shows you how healing at a distance can actually happen. Mr. Ross does not actually get into the individual disciplines, but teaches us how the universe works. With this framework, or understanding, we can easily see why it is possible to dowse for a missing object and find it. The object exists in multiple dimensions. So do we. At the origin is God – or as Mr. Ross says, “The Absolute.” This is the connection to everything.
Scientists today are afraid to find God. This is why they can’t understand anything. Real science includes all of the dimensions from the physical, to the vital, astral, mental, causal and even Buddhic. Beyond that is the Absolute. Close your eyes and pretend that what we are talking about doesn’t exist. This is what most people do. If you are brave enough to open your eyes (or your ears) then listen to this podcast and broaden your horizons. Richard Roocroft February 2011