Lecture 8 — Essence, Ego and Personality
Cosmic Ships By Samael Aun Weor
For the First Time in English: Truth and Lies about UFOs, Other Humanities, and Our Future. In 1950, while discussing flying saucers with three other physicists at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Enrico Fermi asked, “Where is everybody?” as if to say, if there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, why do we have no proof? For sixty years, scientists and the public have debated the answer to this question, yet none have considered what Samael Aun Weor explains in Cosmic Ships. More information... Compliments of gnosticteachings.org
Podcast: 45 minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download When we're born we don't come with a set of instructions. You could say that this podcast is the missing instruction manual for everyone. Mr. E. Jim G. Ross explains the process of birth, life and death from a Gnostic point of view. The essence is that part of us that has never been born and will never die. It is that component of the human makeup that is timeless and immortal. The ego is the enemy of mankind. It represents all that is evil within each of us. This is the cause of all wars, and human suffering. The personality develops early in life and after death it can take many years to dissolve. People usually mistake the personality for a ghost. Have you seen Elvis lately? This is a joke, but many people do experience the energy from dead people. According to Gnostic Anthropology, the personality can appear as a ghost, for many years after a person dies. This tends to hang around the place where the person lived, during their lives.
Some of the other topics covered in this lecture include: Mental illness Black magic The inferno The Bagavad Gita Jacob's Ladder Lust Arrogance Envy Greed Gluttony Laziness Anger This is a “must listen to” podcast if you want to understand the intricacies of the human mechanism. Richard Rooocroft January 2011