Lecture 6 — The History of the World and the History of the Human Race
Prayers and Mantras for Protection and Awakening For thousands of years, the great spiritual adepts from all corners of the globe have guarded the secret teachings of the divine science, the systematic and exact process that awakens the mystical capabilities of the human soul. Now, anyone can receive these teachings, and cultivate the high spiritual levels needed in order to bring humanity out of suffering. Samael Aun Weor wrote three important books about the power of sacred words, and how spiritual aspirants use prayer and mantra to awaken consciousness and benefit humanity. All three are included in this book. Learn how to protect yourself from black magic, negative forces, witches, sorcerers, and more. Includes techniques for awakening consciousness in the internal worlds, prayers for spiritual defense and healing, and detailed information on how to recognize the influences of black magicians… more
The Divine Science by Samael Aun Weor
Podcast 1 hour, 13 minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download We have spent a lot of time criticizing Darwin, but if we didn't come from monkeys – where did we come from? In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross, answers this question from the Gnostic point of view. The first part of the podcast – The History of the World, addresses the problem of – “Where did we come from?” To understand this we cannot observe the universe in a typical three dimensional fashion. We must look at the bigger picture. We not only live in the physical world, but also, the ethereal world, the astral world, the mental world, and the causal world. If we broaden our horizons and take the cobwebs from our minds, we can begin to see a larger picture. From this framework we can understand where we came from. Mr. Ross explains that the earth was first created in the higher realms, and through a series of “rounds” it became more and more solidified. Each round supported life in different forms. Our real ancestors may not have looked quite like we do.
The second part of the podcast speaks of The History of the Human Race which deals with a more recent period of our past. We are the fifth race in this round. Mr. Ross speaks about the history of Atlantis and where the survivors of this great race went after its destruction. From all of Samael Aun Weor's great works, this lecture, The History of the World and the History of the Human Race is considered one of the most difficult ones to present. Mr. Ross does an excellent job in giving us the true picture of our own past. Now it is up to the listener to pay attention. Richard Roocroft January 2011