Lecture 3 — The Law of Karma and Dharma
53 Minutes, MP3 Format, Free Download The law of Karma is intuitively felt by everyone. They say what goes around, comes around. This podcast goes into detail outlining the Gnostic view of cosmic law. (1)  In different cultures, religions and history, the same Cosmic Law, has had different names:  Law of the Scale,  Cosmic Balance,  Cosmic Equilibrium,  Cosmic Justice,  Law of Kharma-Dharma,  Law of Cause and Effect,  Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable,  Bad Luck and Good Luck (2) The entire universe, all solar systems, galaxies, are suspended within space and time. This perfect mathematical equilibrium, teaches us that the universe has been created through Mathematics; (3) This perfect mathematical equilibrium, or balance, that holds all planets and atomic particles, allows them also to do their incredible dance, in their journey through time and space. This obeys to a vibration that generates "movement". "Cause and effect" becomes then music, or the other path within the creation of the universe; (4) All perceptions of this cosmic law, have been described more clearly by the ancient Egyptians. Egyptologists have immersed within the study of the Lords of Kharma, Prince Anubis and the 42 judges, that judge our entire human race at the end of a cycle.  We have already touched that end, according to "Gnostic Anthropology". It means the end of our actual cycle and a new beginning. This affects also our own planet earth, that seems to be "unbalanced", with all kinds of global catastrophes: earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, etc. (5) Hollywood has considered Anubis and the 42 Judges of Cosmic Law, like "demons" instead of "angels". Why, because they cover their faces with masks imitating "jackals" or animals that eat cadavers of animals and people that die in the desert.
Gnostic Anthropology describes them like the angels of destiny, that judge all souls of people who have died, before they continue their journey to heaven, hell or their return to earth with a new physical body; 6) These angels weigh our deeds and errors with a cosmic scale. The Scale of Justice, by observing the memories of nature, in the 4th dimension discovered by Albert Einstein. There, everything that happens in the physical world is also registered in the ether of nature.  So, that's the way to prove our mistakes and also our good actions. Or Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable with Divine Law. (7) What causes us to commit our errors, defects, vices, seven deadly sins, or ego (animal psychology)? It's our degree of subconsciousness, unconsciousness, infraconsciousness about reality. Because we are not yet true humans. Just "intellectual animals," because we posses an animal psychology or ego. The purpose of life is to learn to become true humans, by changing our way of thinking. We have only a "blue print" of a true human, and it's our mission to produce that deep change. Transforming our animal psychology, into a true human conduct. The day we eliminate wars on the face of the earth, that day will be closer to becoming true humans. Jesus Christ through Christianity and all prophets have come to teach to us to learn to become true humans. To enter into the real Human Kingdom and walk away from the animal-kingdom. The seven deadly sins represent those errors, vices and they have to be transformed into the seven virtues (1) making love with love instead of lust; (2) serenity and patience instead of anger; (3) being humble instead of arrogant or selfish; (4) contentment instead of envy; (5) generosity instead of greed; (6) being industrious instead of lazyness; (7) moderation instead of gluttony (eating and drinking in excess). E. JIM G. ROSS November 2010
Alchemy and Kabbalah By Samael Aun Weor
The Keys of Radical Spiritual Transformation. The most ancient sciences in the world are Alchemy and Kabbalah, which constitute the practical, spiritual knowledge hidden in the depths of every great religion and mystical tradition. Modern scientists are only recently discovering what these ancient teachings have always known: that we are a part of a multidimensional universe, and that our consciousness, our awareness, can expand to perceive matter and energy that are invisible to the flesh. Just as physics and chemistry illuminate our understanding of the physical world, Alchemy and Kabbalah constitute a scientific method to awaken the consciousness and fully develop the human being, opening the doors to vast worlds that are hidden from the physical senses. More information... Compliments of gnosticteachings.org