Lecture 2 — Evolution, Involution and Revolution
Podcast: 51 minutes, in MP3 format, Free Download In this lecture we disagree with Charles Darwin's “theory of evolution” and “evolution of the species.” We support Louis Pasteur's approach, which accuses Darwin of being incomplete. He was ignoring the opposite force of nature which is involution (or reverse evolution) This is the degenerative process of life within all species. This relates to the process of aging and death.  500 years ago, Issac Newton, the first father of physics, discovered a more complete idea of the law of evolution. Newton discovered not only the law of Gravity, but also the spiral movement of planets and atomic particles in the universe. He found that there were two forces: (1) That goes from the inside toward the outside, which is centrifugal; and (2) The other force,  which goes from the outside, toward the inside, which is centripetal. Centrifugal force relates to the law of evolution, life or expansion of the universe. Centripetal force relates to the opposite law, which is the law of involution. Darwin and his followers never perceived of involution in his investigations. His work was incomplete. We do not descend from monkeys or the cave people. Our original ancestors were supermen-superwomen who had twelve senses instead of the actual five degenerated senses which we have now. Monkeys and cave people are a degenerated species that entered into a deep stage of involution. At one time they were superior beings, even angelic beings. The bible describes them as like Adam and Eve before their fall. When they fell, they lost the “angelical stage” as they descended into the animal kingdom, with human appearance. So we are just “intellectual animals.” We degenerated not only physically, but also psychologically. We created the “animal psychology” or the ego. This is the ME, ME, ME, instead of the “US.” They are the same seven deadly sins of Christianity. We are centered in fear. This is because we are disconnected from our Real Being –  God within ourselves.
Life can only come from life. The  Absolute is the homeland of our Real Being. Albert Einstein, the second father of physics, never said that everything was “relative.” He only said, “time and space are relative.” He never said the Spirit is relative. This is because our real being is the spirit, which is also the absolute. This is a little particle of God which is located in our heart as a spark of divinity. This is a master atom which rules our organism. This is God within. The spirit does not evolve or involve, because it has always been, and will always be. It is not imprisoned within “time and space.” Time and space are relative; not the spirit. Einstein discovered the fourth dimension, or time, which is the electromagnetic field that connects all parallel dimensions. These dimensions can be spoken of in terms of cellular, etheric, molecular and atomic, or electronic. We have entered already into the fourth dimension through the invention of radios, TV, cell phones, and the internet. Revolution, means regeneration. Once we realize that we are currently in a state of degeneration, we must focus on the only thing that we can do to reverse this state – that is regeneration. Evolution and involution are mechanical laws of nature. The Egyptians refer to them as the wheel of samsara. This circular motion of going up and then coming down in endless cycles is part of life itself. So if we want to get out of this mechanicity of life, we have to experience a revolution of the soul or consciousness –  learning to rebel against our own “animal psychology” or ego. The ego is what all religions call Satan. This is the same as the seven deadly sins of Christianity. Through revolution we can get out of the animal kingdom and enter into the realm of real human beings.
What's the highest purpose of life? When we descend from the Absolute, the homeland of the spirit, we entered into a physical body as a spark of divinity. At some point our planet will die and become another moon. At that time, each person faces an opportunity to either ascend or descend. Most people will be a failure in life, and have to descend into what most religions call the abyss. So, what's the purpose of life? The answer to that question is to learn how to ascend. We should incarnate more and more of the aspects of the universal spirit of life, so we can transform into a flame, instead of the original spark. Remember that spirit does not evolve. Only through a tremendous revolution of the soul- consciousness will we be able to transform from intellectual animals into true human beings. E. Jim G. Ross October 2010
The Wheel of Samsara showing the soul’s progress through creation in a mechanical way.The “point of failure” could be a “point of success.”