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When Robert brought Monica to the hotel, they were delighted to see each other after being apart for so many years. In the morning  Monica was not beside him in the bed. She was gone. None of the hotel workers remembered seeing Monica or anyone else with him when he checked into the hotel the night before. Where had Monica gone? Robert did some investigative work and discovered that his old friend Monica had lived there years ago, but she was dead. Tears rolled down his cheek as he read her name on the tombstone. Robert had been sleeping with a ghost.

In this podcast Mr. E. Jim G. Ross and Richard Roocroft talk about ghosts and other unusual subjects. According to Samael Aun Weor, the founder of Gnostic Anthropology, ghosts are a crystallization of our own personality vehicle. The personality “body” takes many years to dissolve after our physical body dies. This energy vortex can condense into a real entity that we can see with our own eyes. Every ghost behaves just like the person did when he or she was alive.

Some of the other topics discussed in this podcast are:

When you look into the mirror you see your face. But what if we could give you a mirror that showed you, “the real you?” What would you see? The answer to this question is something that is the most scary thing you will ever see – your ego. There is a way to see this monster within. Are you brave enough?

Richard Roocroft

July 2011

Lecture 15

Conversations About Gnosis – Part 3

The Elimination of

Satan’s Tail


Samael Aun Weor

Gnostic Psychology, Meditation, and the Origins of Suffering


“Ecstasy (Samadhi) is not a nebulous state, but a transcendental state of wonderment, which is associated with perfect mental clarity.”


The diminutive size of this book belies the extreme depth of its contents: the practical and urgent nature of the teachings provided here are as potentially transformative as a lightning strike. The serious spiritual investigator will find essential steps leading to the direct experience of the mysteries of life, death, karma, suffering, and the root of existence: the Emptiness or Void. This is not merely a recitation of theories or doctrines: it is the practical experience of the author, as acquired through the awakening of the consciousness, and is in accordance with the universal wisdom taught by all the great spiritual messengers throughout time and space.

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